Professional GDPR Plugin for WordPress

All-in-One GDPR is a compliance solution to help your WordPress site adhere to GDPR. This plugin provides your site with a self-service privacy dashboard for your users to submit erasure requests, subject access requests and give and withdraw consent.

Clearly Demonstrate a Proactive Approach to User Privacy

All-in-One GDPR is a complete GDPR solution for WordPress. When you install the plugin it will automatically generate a page at, this page will show the privacy center. The Privacy center is a self service portal for your users, this clearly demonstrates that your organisation is taking a proactive approach to GDPR. On the privacy center your users can:

  • Contact your organisation's data protection officer
  • Disable tracking scripts like Google Analytics
  • Provide and withdraw consent
  • Submit a subject access request
  • Submit an erasure request


Request Tickets

When you install All-in-One GDPR you will see a request tab in the admin menu. This page will show a list of all recent requests from the privacy center. When you open a request you can delete the user, automatically search for his/her data and make notes about the request.
  • Assign to Admin User
  • Feed of Recent Activity
  • Automatically Find User Data in Local DB
  • Auto-Responses
  • Configurable Email Notifications

Cookie Notice

The cookie notice feature allows you to clearly ask for a user's consent to your terms and conditions as soon as they visit your site. By clearly asking for a users permission from the very outset, you can be confident that all of your users have either given explicit consent or have adjusted their privacy settings to their preference. By clearly specifying your terms and allowing users to have full control over their data, your organisation is demonstrating a proactive approach to GDPR.

Privacy Center

The privacy dashboard is a self-service portal for users to submit privacy requests. From this portal your users can request their archive of data, unsubscribe from mailing lists and request to be forgotten. All requests will be displayed in the admin dashboard so your team can action the requests.
  • Submit subject access requests
  • Submit forget-me requests
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists
  • Contact DPO
  • Supports mobile and tablet
  • Disable tracking scripts

Remote Scripts

All-in-One GDPR allows your users to disable any remote scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Hot Jar. Simply add the script block in the admin section and users will have the power to enable and disable them while using your site. This is perfect if you want to limit the amount of tracking cookies your site creates.
  • Works for logged-in and logged-out users
  • Add custom <script> tags
  • View a users settings in the back-end
  • Limit tracking cookies

Subject Access Request

The Subject access request tool allows your data subjects to request an archive of all of the data you currently possess on that particular individual. WordPress automatically collects user data and some is generated by plugins like WooCommerce. All-in-One GDPR can crawl your local database to help you find this user data like IP addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and zip codes.

Forget me

The forget me tool will help you erase user data, when a user submits a forget me request the user will be emailed to confirm the request. When the request has been confirmed All-in-One GDPR will find and remove all data relating to that user.

This tool will not arbitrarily delete rows in your database, the plugin will only ever obfuscate specific columns in a given row. This prevents the plugin breaking relationships between rows in your DB.
  • Self-service - no admin required
  • Does not damage DB relationships
  • Does not delete whole rows





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